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Where do limos pick up at MCO?

Limo Pickup Locations at MCO

Landing in Orlando can be the start of an exciting adventure or a much-awaited homecoming. If you are stepping off the plane at Orlando International Airport (MCO) and have pre-arranged a limo service for transportation, knowing the exact pickup location can save you a lot of time and effort. Here is a quick guide on finding your way to your limo pickup:

  • Airport Layout: Orlando International Airport (MCO) is divided into three sections called concourses, labeled as Airside 1 through 3. Each concourse is where flights arrive and depart.
  • Train to Main Terminal: After getting off the plane, you will find yourself directed to a train that connects the concourses to the main terminal. This is a short ride that brings everyone to the central area of the airport.
  • Baggage Claim Direction: Follow the signs to your flight’s baggage claim in the main terminal. This area is your exit gateway, regardless of luggage status.
  • Meet & Greet Spot: If you have booked a Meet & Greet, your Sunshine Limousine chauffeur will be at the bottom of the baggage claim escalator ready to assist you.
  • Meeting Your Chauffeur

    • Your chauffeur will meet you inside the terminal, making it easy to connect.
    • If you have checked luggage, the chauffeur will assist you with your bags.
    • For those without checked bags, the chauffeur leads you directly to the limo.
    • The limo is parked in a special express tunnel designated for professional limousine services.
    • This service allows a smooth transition from the airport to your final destination.

    Curbside Pickup Option

    You can choose curbside pickup with your airport transportation service for a convenient and personal experience. As soon as you land, our chauffeur will contact you with a friendly text and figure out where you can meet right outside. Our chauffeurs are more than just a driver. They also take care of your bags and make sure you are ready for the ride ahead. It is this warm, hassle-free welcome that sets the tone for your visit or welcome home.

    Book our limo service now!

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