Port Canaveral Limo Service

Port Canaveral Limo Service-Getting to Port Canaveral

A Port Canaveral limo service is the perfect way to start your vacation. Port Canaveral is the primary destination for Orlando residents planning a cruise vacation.  There are several different ways to get to Port Canaveral.  You could drive yourself, of course.  You could take a shuttle from the airport or one that is sponsored by the cruise line.  You could also take taxi or a private car service from an Orlando limo service.  When considering value, convenience and comfort, a private car service really is the best choice.

Port Canaveral Limo Service Offerings Include Private Car

Port Canaveral limo service companies have a wide variety of stretch limos to choose from but many people don’t realize that they also offer a large selection of private cars.  Hiring a private car service to Port Canaveral will make your trip stress free and memorable.

The best part about private car service is that it includes the same fabulous service you would expect from a Port Canaveral limo service. When your private car arrives, the professional driver will handle all of your bags.   You will not have to touch them again until you arrive at your ship.  Your doors will be opened for you and you will relax in comfort.  Your luxury vehicle will even be stocked with beverages and snacks.  Don’t worry about traffic.  You will have nothing to do but enjoy the ride.

Price is Relative

Price is always worth considering, however when it comes to traveling between Orlando and Port Canaveral, most options offer drawbacks that are hard to ignore.

Driving yourself means that you will not only have to deal with traffic and routes yourself, but you will have to leave your car at the dock for the length of your trip.  The price per day can add up very quickly.  The cost of parking is added on to the expenses already incurred for gas, tolls and incidentals.  Taxis are a little better, but still leave you standing in line at the taxi station and handling you own luggage.

Shuttle services are economical but hardly convenient or pleasant.  Riding a shuttle bus from the airport in Orlando to Port Canaveral, packed with passengers and luggage, is no way to start a vacation.  As you stop and start and leave hours in advance of your arrival time. You’ve already splurged on a cruise vacation.  Why skimp on the transportation and find yourself lugging your bags in and out of an uncomfortable bus?

While private car service from a Port Canaveral limo company is more expensive than other means of travel, it’s not as much as you might think.  Your car service will include the cost of tolls and gas.  You will also not incur any parking costs.  These extra charges add up and quickly close the gap in price.

A Memorable Start and End

Many people take only one cruise vacation a year.  Chances are you have planned your cruise from Port Canaveral for a long time and have waited anxiously for your ship to sail.  A private car from a Port Canaveral limo service will start and end your vacation in perfect style.  Your vacation will start from the moment the car arrives at your door and won’t end until the chauffeur has unloaded all of your bags for you.  You will be treated like royalty from start to finish, making your vacation even more memorable!