Renting a Limo in Orlando- A Step-by-Step Guide

6 Steps to Renting a Limo in Orlando

Step 1: Determine how long you will need the limo in Orlando.

To do this, you’ll need to consider the event itself and whether or not you will need the limo driver to wait during the event.  You will need to know how many pick-ups and drop-offs there will be and whether or not there will be any stops along the way.  The more carefully your event is planned, the easier it will be to make sure the limo company can accommodate all of your needs.

Step 2: Pick the best limo in Orlando for you

First and foremost, you will need to know how many passengers will be accompanying you.  If you have a large group, your choices will be more limited than if you are planning a romantic evening for two.  You also need to consider the atmosphere of the evening and whether it is formal or fun.  You wouldn’t want to take a pink zebra striped limo on a business excursion.  However, your own personal style and taste will certainly play a part, so don’t be afraid to push the envelope a little.

Step 3: Price it out

Once you have the major details worked out, it is time to contact limo companies to see what they offer and how much they charge for the services you want.  Most companies that provide limos in Orlando are pretty competitive so beware of anyone who claims they can give you grade-A service and a bargain basement price.

Step 4: Do your research

Make sure the companies you are considering have solid reputations, good customer reviews and stringent qualifications for drivers.  A great looking web site doesn’t tell you what kind of company you are dealing with.  One limo in Orlando is not necessarily like another. Make some phones calls and speak to the staff to find out if their customer service policy is as good in action as the company claims.  You’ll also want to ask about discounts, special accommodations like flowers or champagne, and any potential hidden charges.

Step 5: Reserve your limousine early

Start searching well before you need your limo in Orlando. For wedding limos, some people book 12-18 months in advance. Other events, like proms, are best to book a limo a few months in advance. In general, it is best to start looking 3-4 weeks before your event.

Step 6: Confirm prior to the event

Call 2-4 days before your event to confirm your reservation and request the driver’s cell phone number. Be sure to verify that the routing is correct and that there is a driver scheduled for your limo in Orlando. You should also plan to Call 3 hours prior to the event, just to check in and make sure there are no surprises.

When your driver arrives, sit back and prepare to be pampered in elegance!