Orlando Limo Rental-What to Know Before You Decide.

When renting a limo or hiring a limo service, it is really important that you have a list of questions prepared to ask before you sign on the dotted line.

Sometimes people get excited and forget to ask some of the most important questions. It is also important to know what YOU are looking for in your limo rental. Are you just looking for a ride to the airport or Port Canaveral, and a luxury Town Car will do, or do you have a bridal party of 15 and you need a Hummer Limo?

Here are the items that you want to make sure that you get answers to.

Clean Late Model Limos

Does the Orlando limo rental company that you are hiring have the latest model cars? This is not just for vanity, you want to also make sure that the cars are well taken care of, and won’t break down on your special day. Ask the year and model of the cars.

Orlando Limo Rental-Licensed Drivers

Are all of the drivers for the Orlando limo rental company licensed? Have they been vetted by the company? Are they in uniform? What standards does the limo company hold the driver to?

Limo Driver Background Checks

Does the Orlando Limo Rental company go an extra step and perform background checks on all of the drivers? No one wants to send their kids off to prom or their family off on vacation with a stranger who has not undergone a thorough background check. Make sure that the service that you hire does background checks on ALL the drivers.

Customer Service

How does the company perform customer service? Are they a great value for the money? Do they show up when they say they will. Read the online reviews. If someone is complaining about a price, that is one thing, but if they say the drivers did not show up, or were rude, that is quite another!

How Many People will Ride in the Limo?

This is a question you need to know. How many people will be in the car? Let the limo rental company know. They may be able to make suggestions about which vehicle to use.

What statement are you trying to make with your Orlando Limo Rental?

Are you trying to convey a fun party atmosphere? Then a 28 person mini-bus might be the answer. Trying for simple elegance?  A Lincoln Stretch Limo or Mercedes Sedan might be in order. Want to have fun for a bachelor or bachelorette party? A Hummer limo might be just the ticket.

What is your Limo Rental budget?

Your budget may also have a say in what you rent. A Town Car Sedan will cost less than a Hummer Limo, but might be just the right vehicle for you and your needs.

Knowing the questions to ask and what you are looking for, will help you get just the right limousine rental for your special occasion.