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How to Arrange Corporate Limo Service

How do I start planning corporate limo service? You’ve been asked to plan and arrange limo service for your company.  The company is growing.  New clients and VIPs will arrive periodically and you need to make sure you choose the right car service.  A limo service is the most flexible and accommodating method of transportation available.  But how do you choose one? Limo Service FAQs First, check the fleet.  You need to make sure that the limo service you choose has options.  Make sure that

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A Limo for Your Spring Cruise?

Why rent a limo to transport you to Port Canaveral for your spring cruise? Let’s start by setting the stage…View Without a Limo You have waited all year (maybe longer) for this cruise.  You’ve made all the plans carefully.  You got the cabin of your choice.  You’ve looked at a map of the ship so many times you think you’ve got the layout memorized.  You have chosen a gorgeous wardrobe with a perfect outfit for every occasion and activity.  You have saved plenty of spending

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Top Ten Reasons to Rent an Orlando Limo

Renting an Orlando limo is a perfect way to add luxury and elegance to any special day.  Regardless of the type of special event you are having, a limousine makes any event more fabulous.  A lot of people have begun to understand that arriving in style can be an event in itself, so they rent limousines for many other occasions as well, but here are the top 10 reasons that most people rent a limo in Orlando   1.  Weddings: There is no question that

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Propose in an Orlando Limo

Get Her to Say Yes in an Orlando Limo If you are thinking of proposing to your sweetheart, an Orlando limo is the perfect way to make a lasting impression.   There are lots of details to arrange when planning your proposal.  You need the ring, of course!  But beyond that, you have to plan the dinner, the music and the romance that will sweep her off her feet.  You want make sure that the atmosphere is perfect so that she knows that she is cherished

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Enjoy the Sights in an Orlando Limo

Enjoy the Sights in an Orlando Limo An Orlando limo is the perfect way to see all that this magical city has to offer.  Orlando is a spectacular place to visit.  It is home to great Disney parks like the Magic Kingdom and Epcot and attractions like SeaWorld and Universal Studios. It is also a large metropolitan city filled with culture and events.  Rather than fight traffic or spend your time learning your way around, why not let a chauffeur do the driving so that

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Global Belly Laugh Day

Global Belly Laugh Day Do you need an occasion to hire a limo?  How about Global Belly Laugh Day?  That’s right.  Don’t laugh…pun intended. It’s a real holiday.  (You can google it.)  January 24th is Global Belly Laugh Day.  It’s a day set aside for us to remember the importance of smiles and laughter and how much a good laugh can change our outlook on life.   At Sunshine Limousine, we think that is the perfect occasion for an Orlando limo rental, grab a bunch of

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Facts About New Year’s Eve

Here are some fun facts about New Year’s Eve: 25% of 18 to 25-year-olds say they’ve gotten into a fight on New Year’s Eve 40% of 18 to 25-year-olds say they’ve woken up on New Year’s Day with an “unidentified party injury.” One in eight 8 18 to 25-year-olds say they’ve broken up with someone on New Year’s Eve 40% of 18 to 25-year-olds say they’ve passed out before midnight on a New Year’s Eve 90% of people say they spend New Year’s Eve with

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‘Tis the Season for an Orlando Party Bus

An Orlando party bus is the perfect way to gather your friends together and travel in style! The holidays are a busy time of year.  There are many parties to attend and events happening around town between now and the New Year.  It is also the time of year to celebrate friends and family and spend time together.  Arranging travel, especially after the party, can be the worst part of the evening.  Waiting for taxis when you are already tired and have had too much

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Memorable Holiday Limo Rental

A Memorable Limo Rental Our Time to Say “Thanks!” There are many Orlando limo rental companies to choose from.  Sunshine Limousine, the premier Orlando Limo Company, would like to take the time to thank all of our loyal customers for their support.  We would also like to offer a unique suggestion for making your holiday celebration the most special event of the year.   The holiday season is a time for all of use to pause and consider the many blessings we have in our

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Christmas Shopping in a Local Limo Rental

Christmas Shopping in a Local Limo Rental! ‘Tis the Season! With Christmas fast approaching, shopping has become a priority for most of us. A local limo rental can make turn shopping from dreadful to divine! Most people dread the shopping rush. They know they will have to fight crowds and traffic just to get to the malls and shopping plazas. Once there, the crowds and long lines continue. Holiday shopping can be even more frustrating in the beautiful outdoor malls that are so popular throughout

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