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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Orlando Hummer Limo Rentals

Orlando Hummer limo rentals are an elegant, classy and sophisticated way to travel between all your late night destinations.  An Orlando Hummer limo rental can turn late night dinner plans into a 5-star, A-list event, especially if your idea of a great evening is an exciting but stress free night out with friends.  Whether you plan on taking your group out to a concert, to the clubs or just a great night out drinking, Orlando Hummer limo rentals offer an unprecedented and unmatched experience.  Your

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Orlando Limo Rental-What to Know Before You Decide.

When renting a limo or hiring a limo service, it is really important that you have a list of questions prepared to ask before you sign on the dotted line. Sometimes people get excited and forget to ask some of the most important questions. It is also important to know what YOU are looking for in your limo rental. Are you just looking for a ride to the airport or Port Canaveral, and a luxury Town Car will do, or do you have a bridal

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Orlando Limo Services May Be the Best Option

There are many transportation options available in Orlando.  Can hiring Orlando Limo Services really be the best option?  Here are some considerations that may convince you that luxury limo rental is actually much more practical that you may think. Affordability Driving expenses can add up quickly.  Car rental fees, insurance, parking fees, taxi fees and gas all add to the cost of getting around.  Once you start adding up all of the costs it’s easy to see how Orlando limo services can actually save you

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Stretch Limo – Has someone you love never been in one?

A stretch limo may be the perfect gift for someone you love. If you are looking for a gift that is unique, special and absolutely memorable, maybe it’s time to think outside the box and “stretch” your imagination! A Stretch Limo Story When my mother turned 60 years old, there were a few things she had always wanted to do.  One of them was to get a tattoo, so my sisters and I rented her a stretch limo to take her to a tattoo parlor

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How to Arrange Corporate Limo Service

How do I start planning corporate limo service? You’ve been asked to plan and arrange limo service for your company.  The company is growing.  New clients and VIPs will arrive periodically and you need to make sure you choose the right car service.  A limo service is the most flexible and accommodating method of transportation available.  But how do you choose one? Limo Service FAQs First, check the fleet.  You need to make sure that the limo service you choose has options.  Make sure that

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A Limo for Your Spring Cruise?

Why rent a limo to transport you to Port Canaveral for your spring cruise? Let’s start by setting the stage…View Without a Limo You have waited all year (maybe longer) for this cruise.  You’ve made all the plans carefully.  You got the cabin of your choice.  You’ve looked at a map of the ship so many times you think you’ve got the layout memorized.  You have chosen a gorgeous wardrobe with a perfect outfit for every occasion and activity.  You have saved plenty of spending

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Top Ten Reasons to Rent an Orlando Limo

Renting an Orlando limo is a perfect way to add luxury and elegance to any special day.  Regardless of the type of special event you are having, a limousine makes any event more fabulous.  A lot of people have begun to understand that arriving in style can be an event in itself, so they rent limousines for many other occasions as well, but here are the top 10 reasons that most people rent a limo in Orlando   1.  Weddings: There is no question that

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